Prayer for All our Visitors
Dear Heavenly Father, Lord of all and maker of the universe.

Please grant us the wisdom to recieve your words wherever they come from. Open our hearts and minds to the subtleness of your guidance. Open our ears to the whisper of your voice. Give us the knowledge and understanding, that what we need does not always come from the way the world believes things should be. Let your spirit minister to us daily as we journey through this life.

Basic Wellness Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved.
Excerpts allowed with permission.
We do not presume to take our own health for granted, but rather praise you for saving us from ill health more often than we know. We know that when you created this world, you provided all that we would need in nature. So we put our trust in you.

Thank you for walking before us and protecting us from that which would strike us down.
Even though our faith may be small and finite, we believe because you live. Though we are but men, we stand strong in your faith and love. Help us to unite and accept each other willingly, without judgement. Teach us that love is the oil of our faith and that hope knows no boundaries.

We ask this in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
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