What if there was a discovery that could dramatically impact global health and provide financial blessings to those who want to get more out of life?

What if this technology were exclusive, proprietary and patented?

And what if this technology was based on Nobel prize winning science?

Wouldn't you want a piece of the action? If you had these, you would have the right criteria to create a permanent residual income!

Well............................................ It's true!

And we are offering you the opportunity of a lifetime!

When a company takes a product to the marketplace, there are 5 criteria that are looked at. The company asks itself the following questions:-
  •        Is it a unique product?
  •        Is it proprietary patent protected?
  •        Is it highly consumable?
  •        Is it scientifically validated and proven to work?
  •        Does it cross all cultural boundaries?

If they answer yes to 2 or 3 of these criteria they know they have a good product to take to the market place. The product range we represent answers yes to all 5.

A permanent income also has 5 basic requirements:-

  1. You must have an easy to follow system with ongoing training and support
  2. Provision of enough income from the business to sustain yourself
  3. Strong management who are willing to train and guide you
  4. The perfect product
  5. A stable company which is going to be around for the long term.

This company was formed in 1997, and is listed on the Nasdaq as one of the top performing companies. This is testament to their commitment and should alone, be proof enough of their longevity. However, they consistantly appear in the top lists and were voted a top 5 Home based business by Ernst & Young in recent years.

Everybody wants to
improve their bank balance
How many people do you know who are making
an income even while they are asleep?

Becoming a member of our team is not without cost, but if you want to name your own hours and be your own boss, don't let this opportunity pass you by. Members of our group are regularly turning over thousands per month and our mentor made $11000+ for the month of July 2007 alone.

If you are prepared to follow the simple and proven steps, you will be successful. The team and mentors are dedicated to assisting you all the way. You see, your success is their mandate, and who doesn't need a helping hand from time to time?

You don't need any prior experience and we will train you. By serving others you become free.

We are currently interviewing, so If we have peaked your interest and you would like more information, simply email Gary and Sandy with your phone number and any questions. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Believe me, You can realise your dreams